Hello, welcome to my blog. We are a family of three humans and one dog who love to camp, hike, and be outside when the weather permits. We are your typical American family. We have a nice home in the suburbs, two cars, two jobs, and extended family that we mildly tolerate. We spend too much money, waste too much time on social media, and give precious hours to stuff that just doesn’t matter. Recently, I’ve become overwhelmed with all of it. Maybe it’s because 2020 was so tough. Maybe it’s because I’m over 40 now and this is the beginning of a mid-life crisis. Maybe it’s just all of these things combined, but I keep having this sinking feeling that my life is passing me by, that I’m missing it.

Do you know this feeling? It’s the realization you get when you look up during dinner and you’ve missed your daughter telling you about her day because you were making a grocery list in your head. The feeling you get when you stop and notice it’s 9pm and you still have a to-do list that’s a mile long. Where did my day go? Why am I spending so much money and eating so much junk? Why do I feel unhappy when I have everything I’ve ever wanted?

Less For Now

In an attempt to grasp what I’m feeling and figure out how I can make my days slow down, I decided I need to do more than declutter and simplify; I need to reconstruct! I need to spend less, eat less, worry less, be less distracted, less in my head. I need to assess my values, determine my intentions for my life and move forward, claiming my days. I thought, maybe if I start a blog and post what my intentions are, put it all out there for the world to read, maybe I can make significant change. While other techniques have failed, maybe a blog will help me be accountable to myself. Maybe people will actually read the blog and call me out on my bullshit.

I chose the name Less For Now because I’m hoping that if I decrease the time spent on things that aren’t making me happy now, I will have more happiness later. Less sounds like a sacrifice or a punishment but I don’t believe that’s the case. If something isn’t making you happy, shouldn’t it be obvious that you need less of it? And maybe you won’t need less of it forever…but maybe you need Less For Now so you can get a grasp on your life.


I will document my journey as I attempt to spend less, eat less, stress less and be more in the moment. I will decrease the things that don’t matter so I can make more room for the things that do. I will do something that moms aren’t usually very good at and I will attempt to put the oxygen mask on myself first for a change. That sounds selfish doesn’t it? But can I really be my best self for my family if I don’t put the oxygen mask on first? Mom guilt…add that to the list of things to have less of going forward. I want to create something other than clean laundry for a change. I want to create something that might help someone, something that will help me. The last thing I want to do on my journey of less is create more work for myself, so some of these posts may be short. Some may offer nothing more than a few hundred words of encouragement, which I think is totally ok, especially if that encouragement is what someone needs to read that day.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to subscribe, comment, and wish me luck.

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