When was the last time you purchased paint? If it’s been in the past few months then you know how expensive a gallon of paint has become. Even a cheaper brand of paint from a local hardware store is over $30 per gallon. I have been wanting to paint my laundry room but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money to do it. In fact I didn’t want to spend any money at all. The room is small and I have experience painting so I wasn’t going to hire it out. Doing it myself would save hundreds, but I wanted to do better than that. How could I do this for as little money as possible?

In my garage were several half empty cans of paint and paint samples from when we moved into our home. They were over two years old and separating. I have been wanting to throw them out but some of them still held over half a gallon of paint and it felt wasteful to just toss them. I was curious what would happen if I mixed them all together. Would I end up with a paint color that I could live with or would I end up buying a gallon of paint? One can was blue but the other six cans were shades of grey so I knew I wouldn’t end up with some weird shade of pink or orange. I figured I was most likely to get some version of a purple-grey or brown. If the color was horrible I would see if someone locally could use it but what did I have to lose? I decided to give it a shot.

After my sweet husband moved the washer, dryer, shelves and the sink out of the room I laid down drop cloths and commenced to mixing all the paint in a five gallon bucket. I GOT SO LUCKY! The combined paint color was a really nice shade of blue grey that looked lovely on my walls and contrasted nicely with the white shelves. As I already owned the painting supplies and the paint, the total cost for this project was $7 for the 2 gallon paint saver bucket from Lowe’s that I had to purchase to store the new paint color in. I was able to get rid of 7 paint cans from my garage and my laundry room is gorgeous. Definitely a frugal win!

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