Just over a week ago I removed all my social media accounts from my phone. I deactivated my facebook page, deciding I was totally over Facebook and never wanted to return; simply removing it from my phone wasn’t sufficient enough, I needed to shut it down completely. I have spent the better part of a year unfollowing people and other than some close friends and family members all I see in my feed are ads. It was easy to acknowledge that it serves no purpose and brings no value into my life. So I wasted no time kicking it to the curb.

Pinterest, my site for all things cooking and home improvement was easy enough to replace. It seems that there’s this good old thing called the internet where you can find all kinds of recipes and home ideas. I will say that without a doubt removing it from my phone has helped me feel happier with my home. It’s easy to see these beautiful curated photos of fireplace mantles and pantries and feel that what you own isn’t good enough. Something about removing it from my daily life has made me relax in my space a little more. I don’t see my space as a place in need of upgrading. Instead I’m starting to view it with different eyes. I’m not completely sure of what this change is yet but I believe it’s starting to look like gratitude.

Youtube, my most recent coffee drinking buddy, was removed and has been dearly missed as some of the people I follow on Youtube do not have other sites for me to visit. I enjoy their videos but I have to admit that now that I’m not watching Youtube for 45 minutes every morning, I have been more helpful to my family. I’m no longer running out the door late for work because I went down a Youtube rabbit hole. There isn’t a list of things left for my husband to do before he can leave…they are done.

My screen time during the first week of my social media hiatus dropped by 22%!! That means I’ve already accomplished what I set out to do, which was to see if less social media gave me more time for the things that matter. It has. In the past week I feel I’ve gotten more done around the house, I’ve started several drafts for my blog, I’ve baked and I’ve almost finished a book.

It seems that being off social media is very beneficial for me. I am reaping the rewards of more time and I’m not feeling the pressure to decorate my home in a certain style or upgrade anything in order to stay current with trends, something you see a lot of on Pinterest. I’m feeling less rushed on a daily basis and my creativity has increased because I’m not distracted by social media. I’m not feeling any kind of twitch to get back on social media at the moment but I’m only 10 days in. We will see how this progresses…

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