My frugal win of the week borders on the line of being a complete cheapskate but I could not care less. In my pantry were a few remaining handfuls of Halloween candy which found their way into plastic Easter eggs for my kiddo’s Easter basket. Think she knew her mommy was a repurposing genius this week? Of course not! She also could not care less. She was happy to have a basket full of candy at her disposal for a full day. She was in heaven on Easter with her candy so everybody wins.

So here’s how this worked…every Halloween our neighbors are ridiculously generous with their Halloween candy distributions and we, being smart loving parents that we are, limit the amount of candy she gets per day during the week following Halloween. With the exceptions of the few chocolate candy bars that we snatch when she isn’t looking, there are almost always a gazillion Starburst, M&Ms, and Smarties left over that she loses interest in or forgets about since I keep them stored in the upper shelves of our pantry. She’s still too young to catch on to my sneakiness, so this trick probably works best for the six and under group. As Easter rolls around I unwrap all the candy and put it in plastic eggs in her basket. Let’s face it, these types of candies can survive the apocalypse so they still taste like they were just purchased.

Does this save a ton of money? Well no. It mainly keeps my pantry cleaned out of temptations that call my name at the end of a stressful day. It also makes me feel better about waste. She’s too old to deem it uneatable because it’s “old candy” from another holiday. It’s not a huge savings but money is money folks so I’ll take it as a win.

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